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Lennon’s Imagination

Genesis 11:4; Revelation 17:13

Former Beatle John Lennon’s song ” Imagine” promoted a world in which there was no religion and no afterlife, a utopian society of peace and love. The dream of fallen mankind has always been the same: to be free from the effects of sin and yet enjoy the pleasures of it. It is the desire for a world in which humanity is unified in its rebellion to God.

The ancient citizens of Babel, as well as those in the near future who follow the Beast, have one thing in common: a one-world government with no barriers nor divisions. No gender, no races and no distinctions. One religion in which man is his own God, or at least worships a God made in the image of man, rather than the opposite.

What we are seeing in the news is exactly what Lennon imagined forty years ago and exactly why the Tower was built 5000 years ago. Once marriage and sex is no longer gender-specific, race is no longer distinguishable and the God of the Bible is destroyed, man can have it his way. Unfortunately, humans do not control the universe nor their destiny. God does. Man’s way never brings about a perfect world because man himself is not perfect.

So, tear down the statues and monuments. Change the laws to accommodate sin. Join hands around the campfire of the Antichrist and sing “Kumbaya.” As much as humans work at it, they are incapable of peace unless they submit themselves to the Prince of it.

Unlike Lennon’s melodramatic mantra, another song floods my mind with hope and joy: 

“Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord, He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored, He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword, His truth is marching on. Glory, glory, hallelujah, glory, glory, hallelujah, glory, glory, hallelujah, His truth is marching on!”

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The Crowd and the Chosen

Matthew22:14: “For many are called, but few are chosen.”

Don’t be deceived or misled. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Humans are, by nature, herd followers. We, like sheep and cattle, follow the crowd and congregate in big groups. We assume that size equals success and we are drawn to the crowd like a bug is drawn to light.

To the contrary, the Bible doesn’t support our definition of success.

Noah preached for 120 years and only won eight souls to salvation.

Jesus preached to the crowds but was crucified alone,  with only his mother and a lone disciple caring enough to watch Him suffer.

Jesus talked about a narrow road to heaven, a path trod by a relative few. The crowd is going to hell. Only a remnant, a small number, will truly be saved.

Why then, are some so enamored with the bright lights, loud noise and packed, dimly-lit rooms? Their senses and  sin nature are blinding them to the truth, that’s why.

Elijah did not find God in the whirlwind. He did not hear God in the thundering noise nor flashing stimuli. The Lord spoke to the prophet in a still, small voice. God speaks in the same manner today.

Yes, it’s true that heaven will be occupied by a multitude no man can number.But the saints won’t be there because they followed others. They will occupy eternity based upon the fact that God chose them and in simple faith they accepted His invitation to the banquet.

The crowd is on a wide road leading to destruction. Repent(turn around) and go in the opposite direction.

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