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One of the greatest challenges in the Christian life is learning how to trust God. I mean REALLY trust.

Real trust involves completely letting go of everything I control. It means letting go of my calling as preacher and allowing Him to place me where He wants me in His kingdom.

It means letting go of my career and allowing Him to bless my work and not worry about losing my job. If I am doing my best and honoring Him with my labor, He will reward me and sustain me; regardless of what other people do.

It means letting go of my finances, my health and, of utmost importance, my marriage and family. If I do what is right in all of those areas, He will bless me in all of them.

Trusting God is a matter of giving Him all of me and believing that He is true to His Word. He will take care of me. I cannot worry and trust at the same time.

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Posted by on April 2, 2017 in Daily Verse & Prayer