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Two Families

In John 8:44, Jesus told those who rejected Him that they were children of the devil, not God. He said that they would do what their father wanted them to.

Practically speaking, Jesus said there were two different families on earth. One was the family of God, the other the family of Satan. He did not mention any others.

As I watch the protesters of democracy parade around and threaten our peace, I am convinced once again that there is neither black nor white, Republican nor Democrat, liberal nor conservative. There are children of God and there are children of hell. According to the Lord, God’s children do His will and the Enemy’s children do his will.

Am I suggesting that only Christians voted for President Trump while only heathens voted for Mrs. Clinton? No I am certainly not. But what I am saying is this: God is love. His children love. Satan is hate. His children hate. What we are witnessing in these recent days is a flood of hatred pouring forth from those who did not get their way. They are selfish. Their father is selfish. Wanting one’s way, and protesting because you don’t get it, is THE root of all rebellion, and therefore, the root of ALL sin. Lucifer did not get his way in heaven. He has been protesting ever since.

His children do the same thing. It’s a family tradition.

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A Growing Number

The story causes me to be extremely angry. So angry ,in fact, that I am unable to muster up any patience or understanding for the ones who are guilty.

Four young adults kidnapped, humiliated, tormented and physically tortured a mentally disabled man for two days. These sociopathic lunatics treated the entire incident as if it was some type of game or entertainment. Their brutal, inhumane acts of evil were all captured on social media and proudly broadcast for the world to see. 

Evil. Pure evil from hell. Demonic depravity inspired and empowered by the devil himself.

There are many who disagree of course. Humanists will babble on about social injustices, psychiatric disorders, and the breakdown of family structures.

Nonsense. As a Bible believer, I know that God’s Word speaks directly to the issue. In 2 Timothy 3:1-5 we are told what type of human behavior we can expect in the last days before Christ returns. The list is quite descriptive of what we see transpiring daily. The passage concludes by stating “from such turn away.”

While the majority of humans operate with a moral compass, a growing number of them are immoral and purely evil. While Jesus has called me to love my neighbor as myself, I will have nothing to do with those who call evil good and call good evil (Isaiah 5:20). Light can have no fellowship with darkness. 

My heart is broken for that poor young man, created in the image of God, who was beaten and abused by four others who were also created in His image. Scripture declares that God is angry with the wicked everyday. God is love but He is also Judge. Surely His heart is broken as well.

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Posted by on January 5, 2017 in Daily Verse & Prayer