The Day After Christmas

26 Dec

It is the day after Christmas. Songs have been sung, food has been eaten, lights have been seen and gifts have been given. Many are at the stores exchanging gifts, cashing in gift cards and looking for discounted items. Others, like me, are cleaning house, enjoying much needed rest and reflecting on the holiday.

Jesus is the Prince of peace. He is also the King of Kings.

A news report today revealed how divided our world truly is. The Republican National Committee, using a social media site, wished everyone a Merry Christmas yesterday. In the post, reference was made to a “new King.” The obvious intent was to proclaim the glory of the Christ.

In response, however, a number of people decried the coronation of Donald Trump as a new king. Either they totally misinterpreted the clear connection to Jesus, which is possible yet unlikely, or they ignored the message that Christ is our King on purpose. Or both. The sad truth is their outrage revealed the division which exists in the heart of men.

On Christmas Day, I witnessed division amongst family members first-hand. It was awful. It was mean. The peace of the Lord was absent. There was no good will toward men. Instead there was evil, selfishness and anger. What should have been a time of joy sadly turned into a time of war.

Although the angels announced peace on earth, and Jesus is the prince of it, people still fight with one another. Jesus did not promise peace on earth apart from Him. He promised a sword. He promised division. He promised that nation would rise against nation and that family members would hate one another. Our Lord died and was raised in order to bring us peace with God. His Holy Spirit blesses us with the peace of God, a peace which is beyond human understanding. A day is coming, and we hope is not far off, when King Jesus will occupy a throne on earth, just as it is in heaven. At that time, swords will be beaten into plow shares and lions will lie down with lambs.

Until such a day arrives we do not strive for world peace. We strive for peace on earth, good will toward men. We preach, serve and worship the newborn King. One day Obama, Clinton, Trump, Putin and Netanyahu will all fall face first before His throne. There will no Republicans, Democrats, Americans, Russians nor Israelis. There will be sheep and there will be goats, wheat and tares, redeemed or doomed. 

Jesus is King. He drew the line in the sand. He created division in order that men might confess Him or deny Him. He is the prince of peace. Therefore peace can only come through Him and in Him. The choice is ours to make.

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Posted by on December 26, 2016 in Daily Verse & Prayer


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