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Care for the Final Journey

All of us know it. This life is only temporary.

At some point, we must walk the final journey to the end. For those who are born-again and belong to Jesus, eternal life takes over and we walk with God forever! Nevertheless, the last days in this life can be sad, even painful.

As a pastor, I preach the Gospel of Jesus, teach the Holy Bible and lead those in my flock to live for God. While we prepare ourselves for eternal life, the emphasis of church is upon the here and now. 

As a chaplain, I minister to people who are facing death and the people who love them. The focus is still upon life, but with the awareness that we are all mortal. All will face their end and stand before God. I am privileged to do what I do and thankful to God for allowing me.

It would be a blessing for me to share the love of God with you and your loved ones. GracePoint Church meets each Sunday at 10:30 in Thomaston and I invite you to worship Jesus with us. Bridgeway Hospice serves families in Upson County and a number of other counties in Georgia. 

Contact me if I can be of service. May the Lord bless you!

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