Human History

12 Mar

Let’s be honest….about the times in which we live.
Human history is both good and bad. While we can celebrate the amazing achievements of mankind…the good things…we also acknowledge the other stuff. There has always been lying, deceit, jealousy, murder, hatred and war. On the other hand, humans have the capacity to love, give and to glorify our Creator. We are able to think, to create and to produce a better world.
Unfortunately, the constant presence of sin messes things up. We all have sin in our hearts and, left untouched by the grace of God, sin leaps forth out of our hearts and into the world around us.
The times in which we live are full of evil. I am 52 years of age and have witnessed a steady decline into sin and rebellion against God. I believe that we are living in the last days before the return of Jesus Christ.
At this point, I could talk about war, human sexuality, drug and alcohol use, government, guns, violence, or a number of other terrible things. I could talk about the Book of Revelation with its description of weird creatures, catastrophic events, and the mark of the Beast. What I want to say, however, has more to do with the church of Jesus than it does the wicked world of the devil.
In 2 Peter 2, the Bible warned us about false teachers. God warned us that these teachers would come into the church and “secretly bring in destructive heresies.” The devil knows that if he can destroy the Gospel of Christ within the walls of the church, then he will have no problem in destroying the world outside the church.
We see it happening today. Without being specific, many “destructive heresies” are being preached in pulpits today. These false teachings are eating away at the power of the Gospel. (2 Timothy 3:5) When the Gospel is stripped of its’ power, lives are no longer changed by it. When lives are no longer transformed by Jesus, then the family, the church and the society all crumble. That is a precise explanation of what is happening in our world today.
Two thousand years ago, Timothy warned us about the coming of “perilous times.” We are living in them.
Do not sit and listen to the lies which are coming out of deceptive pulpits. Get your self under the preaching of the unchangeable, powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ. Time is running out.
Jesus is coming soon.

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Posted by on March 12, 2014 in Daily Verse & Prayer


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