Let’s Be Honest …. Human Sexuality

28 Feb
Let’s be honest…about human sexuality. Human sexuality is a major topic of discussion in American culture. As Bible-believing Christians, we are often characterized by what we are against, rather than what we are for. Therefore, let me attempt to say what Christians are FOR based upon our conviction that the Bible is our ultimate authority on this divisive issue.
To begin, the Bible teaches that marriage is designed to be a permanent union between a man and a woman,  male and female (Genesis 2:24). Any variation from this God-ordained design is an aberration, is not normal, and is sinful. The Christian position is not based upon hatred, prejudice or discrimination, but a fundamental trust in the Bible as God’s word. Thus, Bible-believing Christians are FOR a definition of marriage which is strictly biblical.
The Bible teaches that marriage is to be permanent until the death of a spouse, or in exceptional cases, the unfaithfulness of a spouse (Matthew 19:9). Therefore Christians are FOR faithfulness to one ‘s spouse for a lifetime. Adultery is a sin and is not permissible (1 Corinthians 6:9).
In like manner, the Bible teaches that sexual intercourse is to be reserved only for marriage and that God will judge the sin of fornication. Once again, our viewpoint is based upon the authority of Holy Scripture (Ephesians 5:5) and is meant to be positive not negative. Followers of Jesus are FOR the purity of one’s mind and heart, especially in sexual matters. Jesus taught that lust is equivalent to adultery, therefore pornography and sex outside of marriage do not honor God.
To summarize, those who believe the Bible are FOR human sexuality, not against it. Marriage is ordained by God in order to honor Him (Ephesians 5:22-33) and sex within the bonds of heterosexual marriage is not just a means of procreation, but a gift to be enjoyed and celebrated (Song of Solomon) . The issue appears to be this: Those who continually focus upon what we Christians are “against” are actually angry about what the Bible teaches and take their anger out on people. As I heard it said years ago: “Don’t be angry with me, I’m just the delivery boy. If you’re angry, take it up with the editor.”
God loves you and so do I. Have a wonderful day.
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Posted by on February 28, 2014 in Daily Verse & Prayer


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