It’s All Good: Romans 8:28

09 Dec

It’s All Good: Romans 8:28

A common expression, when things are going particularly bad, is the saying “It’s all good.” This phrase is intended to say, that somehow, in the midst of life’s troubles, things will eventually turn out alright. Followers of Jesus tend to say this often, believing that God is working in the midst of terrible circumstances.

In spite of our optimism, things don’t turn out “alright” in this life. Just the other day, a 23 year old college senior was shot and killed by a campus police officer. This tragedy occurred on a Christian college campus. The young man was a born-again believer, an honor graduate of a Christian academy, the product of a fine Christian upbringing. His family and friends are devastated. In other words, it would be stupid to say, “It’s all good.” It is not all good. It is bad. It is very bad.

The Bible declares that for those who love God, and are the “called according to His purpose,” ALL things would turn out alright. All things, including the unbelievable death of a promising young man, will eventually be good. How? We don’t always know. When? We don’t always know. Why? We don’t always know.

What we do know is this: God has a plan; a good plan. Things will turn out the way that they are supposed to in the end. One day, when God finishes what He started in our lives, we will look at all the things that have occurred and we will proclaim: “It’s all good.”

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