What Do You Treasure? John 5:16-23

25 Nov


I love Facebook. I enjoy reading what people write. I enjoy looking at their pictures, reading funny stories, getting news on important events, and keeping up with folks that I seldom see. As a pastor, I am constantly checking up on church members by reading their comments on Facebook!

One of my Facebook “friends” is a girl that I knew in high school. We have not seen each other in over thirty years, and of course, she is not a “girl” anymore. She is actually a grandmother. I can tell who she treasures more than anyone else in the world. Every time that she posts pictures, there are smiling photos of her cute little grandson all over the place. She has a husband, children, and friends that I’m sure she loves very much. That grandson, however…she must treasure him very much.

What do you treasure? Do you have a special item that you have hidden in a box or protected in a safe? Do you have a car that you wax and polish and treat with care? Do you own an antique or heirloom that holds a place in your heart?

Jesus said that we should “honor” Him just as we honor His Father (v.23). In other words, Jesus said that we are to “value” Him, or “treasure” Him. Jesus ought to be the most precious person in our lives. We ought to put our relationship with Him at the top of our list. The things of this life will all burn up and be destroyed. Only those treasures that we lay up in heaven will last. Jesus also said that where our heart is, our treasure will be also. (Matthew 6:19-21)

Do you have any pictures of Jesus on your Facebook page?

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